Re: Embedded PowerPC programming book or tutorial?

Hi Simon,

thanks for your links. There is really a lot of information there.

I will check it out.

I am almost sure that it is a 32bit PowerPC system I will be dealing

Still, what I miss is, among others, an overview the 32bit variants
that are commonly used *today* in embedded development, of what RTOSes
are available for them, what Evaluation boards exist, what c
Compilers/IDEs exist, what peripherials exist and 'play well' with
PowerPC and so on.
Well, this wouldn't matter if there was *one* sample project, say XXXX
PowerPC development with VxWorks that mentioned the specific quirks of

I feel that IBM and Motorola have sometimes different views about
'PowerPC'. Also, as I 've already written, most books are from the
launche period (1994), and the PowerPC doesn't seem to be developed
for embedded development in the first time.