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John Devereux wrote:

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"These results show clearly that the GNU C Compiler is a good
choice in comparison with the other compilers tested here in
terms of both code size and speed optimizations. However, when
code size is an issue in your embedded application, users need
to be aware of the impact GNU libraries such as printf can have
on code size. The Code Size tests run in this benchmark
demonstrate the extent to which the GNU Compiler can be
handicapped by a very complete printf library that serves little
purpose in embedded applications. Excluding printf, IAR, GNU and
ARM Compilers produced similar, consistent results in terms of

I am in the process of revising my txtio package for some general improvements. At present it contains only numeric input, but I also have various output routines which I hope to add real soon now. The common theme is that they do not require buffers, and work with C streams. The input routines are well behaved, so that the programmer can know what terminated a field, and whether a line has been absorbed. They also report overflows.

Using these you can avoid such monstrous interpreters being loaded.

You can snoop about on my site, URL in the organization header.

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