Re: Ulf, what of these new AVRs? :)

>Joerg написа:
> And that can be a huge mistake. It is the reason why my design-in rate
> for parts from several large European semi mfgs has plummeted from
> around 30% to nearly zilch. We are talking about stuff that went into
> mass production and still is, some of it for over 10 years now. And then
> they lament about sagging sales.

your case may be 1:10 000
recently I hear from local big name distributor complain that Harris
did last year $100K sample shipments to Bulgaria only for 6 month and
they decided to cut off this service
so somebody well abused their sample service (I guess this number
should be accumulated by shipping $1.00 logic chips by FedEx)
so you can imagine what happens in world wide measures and Atmel is one
of most popular vendors
If I was in Atmel shoes I would also left the local disti who know the
market better to decide who really need sample and who just is
harwesting free chips. If you really do design which later on go in
mass production they would recognize you as keypartner.

> Suits me, I just would never buy stock in a company that thinks they can
> survive by catering to only the big ones.

sad truth to all small co. is that they do just fine this way

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