Re: Ulf, what of these new AVRs? :)

On Fri, 20 Jan 2006 12:38:19 +0100, "Ulf Samuelsson"
<ulf@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>I am not aware of any official policy within Atmel that says that samples
>should be reserved for large customers.

I don't think it was his own motivations operating, Ulf. He was
apologetic about having to ask the questions he did. So I'm pretty
sure that he was told to ask. The fact that you aren't aware now of
such a policy doesn't mean there wasn't one then, or that it couldn't
have been a regional management decision and not a global one. I
frankly don't know. However, there is one thing I am certain of and
that is my experience and my copies of the email exchanges between the

>I think that delays or non-deliveries are caused by the sample order system
>which requires manual intervention.

That would probably _not_ explain the FAE's questions or his
explanations or his apologies.

>There are two sample systems, one open to the public (on the Atmel web site)
>and one for internal use.

This was 2002, keep in mind.

>The web sample order generates an email to a sales engineer
>which has to enter the sample order into the internal sample system.

I didn't use that approach. If you read back through google, you will
see that I contacted my local distributor, All American, and worked
through them. I already had spoken with the Atmel FAE on other
occasions about this particular part and some of the technical merits,
and also to begin a dialogue with Jaques about the part (which
proceeded slowly, since at first the FAE felt he needed to be in the
middle of the dialog and the 'around the world' issue added some
delays.) I don't think the FAE was taken by surprise by All
American's request on my behalf.

It never even crossed my mind to consider using a web page for this,
at that time.

>I suspect that there is a risk that large or known customers could get more

Well, sure.

>since the system depends on the sales engineer receiving the sample order.
>We are all overworked and prioritize, right?


>If I decided to open up my own shop, I would ask a *distributor* for samples
>and request to have the sample order number back as a feedback.
>This is a guarantee that the sample order has been entered.
>I believe that if this is done this way, the system should ensure
>that the samples are delivered quickly.

This may be true, for now, Ulf. But believe me, I had confirmation
that All American had done their job. The FAE and I began speaking on
this subject a few months after the order through All American and
when I was starting to wonder. I don't believe there is any
reasonable question at all that the sample order had been properly
processed into Atmel. He certainly didn't mention any such issue and
there was no discussion between me and the Atmel FAE that would
suggest anything like that -- quite to the contrary, in fact.

I'm pretty sure that wasn't the problem, not to mention the fact that
our discussions were honestly about other reasons why. The FAE was
pretty clear.


I should add something. If you do a google search using my last name
as the author, comp.arch.embedded as the newsgroup, and Atmel and the
AT90S2313 as keywords, and sort by date, you will find that my
earliest comments fitting that search (in 1999) were very positive. I
still feel that way about the technical merits on many of the parts.

I appreciate your attempts to find an explanation for my experiences.
But I lived them, Ulf. You didn't. I will always have more
information about what happened to me than you will and that puts me
at an advantage over someone who is only able to speak generally from
quite a distance, literally and metaphorically.

So this isn't really fair to you and you should not have to try and
explain what did happen. The most you should consider doing is to
simply appreciate it, but not try and change my mind about it. You'll
lose that last battle, if that is where you are going, unless you are
truly willing to do a thorough investigation on the basis of emails I
have here and provide a convincing and detailed explanation of that
situation as it played out then. Personally, I'm willing to just
leave it in the past and not worry about it. There are many other
excellent options and I don't want or need to worry about the past.