Re: Moving from 8051 to AVR

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David Brown wrote:

Depends on the processor and the application. Here we are specifically
considering 8 microcontrollers where the emphasis is on control. IME non
C friendly microcontrollers make better controllers and are best
programmed in assembler.

Best programmed in assembler? I'd agree ... ten years ago ROM space was
Today you can buy 32K ATmega32 for $2.99 and ARMs for $1-$2 dollars.
Development time for assembler is several fold that of C. The
justification for assembler just doesn't exist today as it did in the
past. Of course there are
always time critical applications that must be assembly.

This simply is not true. The most significant commercial driver in
electronics today is unit cost and that is directly related to Bill of
Materials and hence microcontroller cost. If I can squeeze my code into a
50 cent cheaper device then I save half a million bucks for every million
units made. That buys a lot of engineering time.

I try to do as much microcontroller development as possible in C.
Projects are completed so much faster, with higher integrity in C.

C has its place in low volume cost insensitive applications.