Re: ARM Cortex M3 - Who's utilizing it?

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D. wrote:
Ulf Samuelsson wrote:
And exactly WHY do you want to use a chip which is hardly or not
sold by anyone?

Not YET sold by anyone. It's the next generation ARM wave, and it will
take a little while to see devices built around it. Same thing for the
other variants (the A8 and future R derivatives).

Assuming it becomes an industry standard...
Anyone remembering the Itanium?

ARM already is the industry standard.

While the Cortex is probably an improvement over ARM,
it may not be improvement enough
to motivate people to pay millions of dollars.
Think most semiconductor companies will adopt a wait and see.
If needed, it can be licensed and introduced quickly.
If not needed, noone will bother...

But if you wait too long, the market may be saturated...

One of the arguments for an ARM, is the second source.
The first company to release a Cortex will not have a second source...

Any of the existing ARMs are of course second sources for any new
ARMs (including Cortex) - that's the advantage of binary compatibility.

It will compete with the coldfires, SH series etc.

Don't forget V850. The M3 outperformance those on all counts.

Ulf, we're waiting for the ARM Cortex vs AVR32 battle. :)

A new proprietary architecture... Anyone remembering the Itanium? :-)

Doesn't look like there are Semiconductor companies in the official Cortex
M3 list of licensees...

Does STMicroelectronics qualify as a semiconductor?

T.I has licensed the Cortex-A8, but I think this is for Nokia and alike...
The AVR32 seems to run at higher frequency and has an MMU
so they may be focusing on different markets.

Yes, the AVR32 is definitely not in the same market as the M3. It is an
ARM11 + Jazelle + Thumb-2 clone, but because it is late (MIPS did it
a few years ago), it now will have to compete with Cortex-A8. Ouch...