Re: Q: What connector is this?

On 27 Mar 2006 07:02:13 -0800, "Leon" <leon.heller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

techie_alison wrote:

I'm like to buy some of these;

That's the 2 pole version, but ideally I'd like single pole. It's 0.1"
pitch by the way just incase the image is deceptive. I know the single pole
versions exist since I've seen them on my travels. The connector is most
commonly recognised as used inside PC cases for connecting things like the
LEDs and speaker to the motherboard.

Rapid is a no-go, Maplin too, RSs site crashes, Farnell probably have them
somewhere among 13,000 results, eBay is a no-go.

I bought some 10-way ones from Farnell, IIRC. The 'official' crimp tool
is very expensive but I managed with a cheap one I got for Molex
connectors. I cut them down to make smaller ones; you might be able to
make single ones, with care.


If you can find the base connector you can make singles with heat
shrink tubing over the raw female part of the connector.
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