Re: careers in embedded engineering

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Noway2 wrote:

I think that developing for embedded systems requires a more robust
skill set than developing for a PC in that it requires you to have a
much deeper understanding of the underlying "nuts and bolts" that make

This is usually true, but starts to break apart for large embedded
applications. Remember that "embedded" also covers the case of a
Windows PC inside a box, such as the self-service photo scan/print
kiosks in pharmacies and department stores.

Indeed. A while back this NG was host to many discussions as to the
definition of "embedded". ISTR we agreed that "embedded systems" covered the
embedded-PC approach, while "embedded product" covered (IMO) true embedded.
Although I may be misremembering...

PC app-layer programming is much more of a commodity skill than
lower-level embedded development. Lower wages, higher probability of
short-term outsourcing. I wouldn't consider it as a career option,
given the alternatives.

Also agreed. Furthermore, my experience has been that PC programmers have
far less of a clue about the rigours of true embedded design, which includes
such mantras as "Thou Shalt Not Crash", "Thou Shalt Eschew RunTime Errors",
"Heap Fragmentation Is The Spawn Of The Devil", "Thy Resources Are Not
Limitless", and "Blessed Be OO, But C++ Sucketh".

(Sorry - couldn't resist - teehee ;).)