Re: Integrating a printer - build or buy?

Yes. I agree it depends on the volumes. I guess my question is really
more about the level of effort involved and the practicality of
building from scratch.

Jim Stewart wrote:
ElderUberGeek wrote:

I need to integrate a printer (receipt printer) in an outdoor terminal.
Does anyone have any experiance in using OEM modules
(printermechanisms) for this? There are basically 3 alternatives:
1. Take a printer mechanism and build from scratch
2. Buy some module like a panel mounted one and integrate it
3. Buy and use a regular POS printer (but that will be a separate unit)
The price difference can be significant, and ready made POS printers
are not cheap ($250-$300 at least). The question is, how much pain is
it to source, integrate and build the printer component from scratch.
Getting to a target of sub $100 would be nice.

Totally depends on how many you're
going to build.