Re: AVR Compiler Recommendations

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There is a great risk that the compiler vendor goes bankrupt or is
bought by a competitor who kills the product line. To avoid such
problems, the source code and documentation is sometimes stored by a
trusted third party and is available only if the vendor is not able to
fulfill their obligations.

This is always possible but you do not need the source code for that.

Even if the vendor remains in business, it should provide a 24 x 7
service for any copy protection problems due to different time zones
and different cultural weekly rest systems (Friday/Saturday/Sunday).

They do. Though I think you mean "normal business hours" for any given
time zone. You try getting support for PC's, cars, Tv's bank's, etc etc
out side local working hours. You are inventing flimsy problems. That
said most compiler vendors have web forums now and usually you can get
support from other users on the Internet in NG's just like GNU.

If you are talking about a specific implementation of GNU you will find
that the companies that do them will also only work normal business
hours. They have lives and families too.

Even if a replacement dongle is available at a short notice from the
vendor, how do you transport it to the other side of the world
literally into the jungle ?

Or the Siberian tundra? Its not to difficult. I have done that. A
parallel port dongle (not IAR) for an outfit who were doing some
installation work and trials in Siberia. Their ONLY link was sat phone
so they could not get any Internet support.

Did similar for an outfit doing vehicle trials the middle of the
Canadian outback. Allegedly.

I am currently supplying a very old version of a compiler to one
customer and sorting out some node locked compilers where there has been
a hard disk crash for another.

While some international carrier may be
able to deliver it to the correct country, you may have to hire a
helicopter to deliver it to the site in the jungle or the Siberian

You pre plan.

For these reasons, I try to avoid any products with dongles or other
awkward copy protection systems.

The same applies to vehicle parts, computers, etc when working out in
the middle of nowhere.

BTW your GNU theory falls down as well. How do you reinstall the GNu
compiler if the hard disk crashes? I can's see HP or Dell doing a 4 hour
turnaround to the jungle.

I get the impression the open source community here KNOW the answer and
will use any argument no matter how unlikely to fit their [ religious ]
convictions about open source. It is the only thing that accounts for
the sort of arguments you see here.

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