Re: uC for Indirect Execution

"rektide" <rektide@xxxxxxxxx> skrev i meddelandet
Hey everyone,

I'm looking at starting a new uClinux platform for myself sometime in
the not-too-far-future. I've got a couple favorites I'd like to play
with, namely the Blackfin BF561 and the Lpc3180. However, I'm kind of
worried about what code I can execute: if i recall correctly, neither
of these architectures (ARM9 and blackfin) can execute code indirectly,
can run code from ram. I presume this is a restriction of their
Harvard architetures.

Where can you store code for these architectures?
What are fast & low powered micros that can execute code from memory?

I could be dead wrong, if so, please except my graceful apology.

Why uCLinux for an ARM9 with an MMU.
Curious to know why you want to run Linux without any Ethernet nor LCD?

Best Regards,
Ulf Samuelsson
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