Re: Which GCC Version to use with ARM7 ?

Rasmus Fink <i.hate.spammming@xxxxx> writes:


For a new product we are going to use an ARM7 and are now going to make
an important choice : Should we stay with IAR or should we use GCC. We
are current leaning a bit towards GCC but we need som extra input here :

What version should we use ?

3.x.x is not the newest but I beleive many of its bugs are known.
4.1.0 is the newest and generally considered stable.

What are your experiences regarding code density, bugs and snags on the
different versions of GCC ?

I don't think I have ever found a bug with gcc-arm. No problems with
the compiler, it is excellent. I have been using the GNUARM
distribution which comes with "Newlib". What device (ram and rom size)
are you targetting? This may affect your library choice. Newlib is
very powerful but needs care, and avoidance/replacement of some areas,
if using with smaller devices.

Rowley Associates <> package gcc with their
own debugger and libraries, this may be an option for you. Not used
them but looks good. They sell low cost debugging hardware too it
would appear.


John Devereux