Re: Which GCC Version to use with ARM7 ?

"Rasmus Fink" <rfi@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Thanks for the input, guys.

It's nice to hear that the 4.x.x is considered stable not only by its
authors. Have any of you compared the code size generated by V3.x.x vs
4.x.x ?

The device is a AT91SAM7S256, so code space is right now not really an
issue, _YET_ - but the expected product life time is ~7 years, so much
can still happen...


Richard wrote:
I don't think I have ever found a bug with gcc-arm.

Some of the earlier 3.x.x versions had big problems in ISR code
and ARM/THUMB interworking. I think this has been fixed for some time

I found 4.1.0 to be a tiny bit bigger than 3.4.3 but also to feel a bit
faster. I'm guessing a few things product inline code rather than call
support routines resulting in a little bloat in return for speed.