Re: OT: In case your Minolta quits

CBFalconer wrote:

But this capacitor was in lab equipment. That's not meant to be
treated this rough. Although I did not quite understand why an
electrolytic that was 2" tall and heavy wasn't mechanically
supported. It was on a vertically mounted board. At least they
could have laid it out so that its terminals would have been
above each other and not sideways. It was a recipe for failure.

Back when, big electrolytics came with a clamp. You firmly
attached the clamp to the chassis (or pc board later), inserted the
cap and held it firmly. Then you could add the wiring or soldering
or whatever. Routine.

Later they came with several extra pins just to provide a more solid "foundation". Then I guess these were falling prey to cost reduction.

Regards, Joerg