Re: More on Coldfire BDM project

Jim Adamthwaite wrote:
"CBFalconer" <cbfalconer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Whatever it was it never made it here. Some intermediate station
was smart enough to absorb it. Something like 1000 lines or about
30 kbytes should be the usual limit.

The schematic was 30KBytes & the PCB was 414KBytes (mostly ground
plane fill). If that is a lot then I can send a direct attachment
to interested parties.

For heavens sake, *NO*. I was expressing relief that no such
monstrosities ever appeared here.

The proper way to handle such things is to post them on some URL,
and then publicize that URL. That allows interested parties to
pick them up. But they should never clog the Usenet system. Bear
in mind that as attachments they are automatically expanded by 50
percent, in order to transmit binary over the char only linkages.
So the posted packages should be zipped, or better bzip2'd, to
reduce transmission time.

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