Re: Pleas for help from clueless students?

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Grant Edwards wrote:
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I generally just ignore them.
Ignoring isn't an option. If you think that the question is really
legitimate, whats the harm in responding?

Because they're asking via e-mail for the euivalent of a year
or two's worth of training?

Showing the way and warning that you are not supposed to
somebody else's homework, would do. Ain't it?

Some of these students apparently have no idea how
microprocessors work, no idea how to write even a trivial C
program,and no idea how any sort of serial or network
communications work. Yet they're trying to do a farily complex
embedded systems project.

They appear to be in so far over their heads that they're going
to need a tutor sitting beside them day-in, day-out for weeks.
I just don't have that kind of time or patience.

When I was at University, there were _courses_ we took about
stuff like that.

As I said, its all about not reading as much as one is supposed to.

I think that is what we are complaining about. They don't do enough them

Reading is an essential part of any learning. There are so many sites
that have articles from newbie to intermediate level.

sites? What about books. anyone can publish ANYTHING on the Internet. At
least books get to be reviewed during production. However it often
appears that the the students have not even spent time searching for

Unfortunately (for
may be fortunately) embedded system programming is not something one can
teach. I think it all comes with experience.

I think I and a great many others would disagree here. YEs you need
experience as in all jobs, this you get after qualification. Embedded
systems can be taught. However your email indicates that I should avoid
anyone from:-

I.G. National Open University
Jaipur (India)

Don't even bother. And believe me nobody from here is going to come to
seek your
advice!! Take my words for it.