Re: Which development environment for H8?

"Grant Edwards" <grante@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message
On 2006-08-04, Ulf <gebrauchtteile@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

The other possibility may be GCC which should be able to build
output for th H8-Series

It can. I've been using GCC for H8 for a few years now, and
I'm quite happy with it. I recommend grabbing either pre-built
binaries or source tarballs from the KPit-Cummins web site:

They do quite a bit of maintenance on the H8 target stuff and
always have well-tested snapshots.

I second this. I've been developing for the H8 for a long time - started out
with the Hitachi toolchains (various versions), and now use the KPIT GCC
tools. This includes a version of the HEW IDE, by the way.

I used GDB a bit when debugging the intial HW, and it worked
fine. But, I don't use it much for software debugging (I find
that looking at the source code and thinking gets the job done
faster -- especially when combined with a few "printfs" or
toggling some port lines that you can watch with a 'scope).

Yep, again same here.