Re: Upload or Download ?

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Not that I want to start a war here but... :-)

In my mind, inside my head, I get cramps when I hear/read the
following : "Then you download the hex-file to the controller".

In my mind you Upload _TO_ something and you download _FROM_

I've come across two usages:

1) Downloading means "to me". Uploading means "from me".

2) Downloading means "sending data downwards", i.e. hierarchically, to
something (presumably) smaller or further away from the top (whatever
the "top" is - the Internet?).

The first one is the correct one (at least IMHO). Perhaps "download to
the controller" is written from the point of view of the controller.

I would probably have said that (2) was the way I tend to think of it
although I would say that (1) is the one that is techically correct, at
least from an OO style computer science point of view. However, "me"
becomes a bit more vague. I would say that "me" is the PC and therefore
I can download to my target board only using definition 2 but I can also
download from the internet using (1) and (2). However, if "me" is my
embedded system then either definition works.

Of course what happens when you download your code to the target and
then take back the logs from it. Do you download the logs from the
target or do you upload them?