Re: PC Programming Language

I am looking for suggestions on free or low cost complier programs for the
PC.... I have some experince with VB6.... however I would like to examine
other languages and software packages.

My main programming goal is write programs for Windows XP and serial coms
interfacing with minimal or no database requirements.

Microsoft Visual C# Express Edition. Starting with the 2005 version, serial
port interfacing is included.

Borland is about to bring out "Turbo" versions of Delphi and C# which will
be available, with some limitations, as free downloads.

Python, as someone mentioned, is popular with beginning programmers and is
what the computational linguistics community has more or less settled on
because it's so good at string handling. Personally, though, I'm not too
fond of it. I'd rather use something that was designed, from the ground up,
to be a professional programming tool for the target machine (the PC).