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mc wrote:
When people use C++ on embedded systems, do they use its full power, or do
they just use it as a minor extension of C?

Both. "Embedded systems" covers a huge range of applications.
Some use the full range of C++ features, while others just use
C++ as a "better C". I tend to the latter, since I like
namespace, encapsulation of data and functions into a class,
clearing variables before their first use, etc. But others
have to do more rapid prototyping to keep up with changing
sets of ill defined requirements on a tight deadline, so all
available tools get used.

running away from it toward better-designed languages such as Java and C#.

Surely you just mean "Java" (which was well designed and then
hijacked for a different purpose than its designers intended).

C# was designed solely because Microsoft needed a new way to
entrap programmers since they weren't allowed to make
incompatible versions of Java.

Admittedly, Java and C# normally require some infrastructure (JVM and .NET
Framework respectively) that are not present on embedded systems.

Java runs on mobile phones, which definately counts as an
embedded system.

Darin Johnson


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