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Compiler development is a labour intensive industry by very skilled people providing
products that service a small market. We have looked very closely at the issues
around piracy and it is rarely an issue of price. We have not found piracy to have
a price threshold.

Having provided Forth compilers for 25 years, I make two observations
1) You'll always get ripped off,
2) According to some people, the "best" price is half that of the
lowest cost product on the market.

Now that gcc and friends have reduced the acquisition cost of C
compilers to zero, you will always bleed.

It's always been a mystery to me why C compilers aren't free anyway. If
youv'e spent millions producing a chip why make it hard for people to
use it? Same arguement applies to the FPGA market. Some companies do
give them away free of nearly free, a trend I expect will become the
norm eventually. Compiler writers can easily protect their product with
a dongle, no excuse now we have usb sticks. The real downside with that
is when the customer recieves crappy software he can send it back and
get his money back, which I guess is why they don't use them.

Quite a lot of compilers DO have free versions, with some ceiling.

If you look at the newest systems from Freescale and Zilog, they do
have free compilers, (as in bundled with the low cost eval/development boards) and not just compilers, but free OnChipDebug as well.

On chip debug support already an important selection criteria.