Re: Source Sealed Potentiometers?

Rene Tschaggelar wrote:
John Mianowski wrote:
Can anybody recommend a source of miniature multi-turn potentiometers,
protected to IP67 or 68 for a marine application?

IP 67 is flush water, IP 68 is under water.
You want to measure an angle ?
What is the angular speed of the sensor ?

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I need to be able to survive immersed in fresh water for several
minutes. I think I might be able to get away with IP67.

I need to be able to measure an angle 0-360, & can't directly couple to
the shaft/axis of rotation. I can put a gear on the object to be
measured, & due to space constraints I need to reduce at least 5:1.

Angular speed would be slow, probably no more than about 30 RPM.