Embedded UI Libraries/Frameworks/Generators

What UI Libraries/Frameworks/Generators have people used in the
embedded systems they build?

We are upgrading the our display from a 4 bit color 240 x 64 to an
awesome 640 x 240. Naturally the UI that was built for the smaller
display will leave users wondering, "why can't it do this, that and the
other thing?" I built the first UI using WindML 3.0 and was fairly
happy with it. I wrote most of the widgets I used and tried to segment
the "views" from the "functions." I was pretty successful, but it came
at a price (a long development time).

Now that users will be asking for much more sophisticated widgets, I've
started wondering the right way to go. I'd like a framework that has a
library of widgets including buttons, graphs, images, pulldown menus,
etc. Licensing isn't really a problem, but I don't want to license
junk. Something that can be integrated with VxWorks would be nice as

Thank you all in advance!