Re: What micros do you actually hate to work with?

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You can only do exact delays if the CPU is inherently deterministic.
The AVR is, but I do not know if the MSP is.

I'm not sure you can call the AVR inherently deterministic. I never
forget to include hardware timer interrupt latency (this avoids
debates over recognizing/synching to an external event) variations. Is
it the case that upon a timer interrupt that there is an exact and
entirely predictable latency to the first instruction of the interrupt
code in the AVR?


It is for the purpose of implementing "__delay_cycles", but
there is certainly a couple of clock cycles variation
for interrupts

__delay_cycles(n) inserts a sequence of code which will take 'n' clock
cycles to execute without interrupts, regardless of the state of the

I dont think anyone using __delay_cycles can accept any interrupts.
If you need an exact delay you need a H/W timer and then
let other H/W react on the timer event.

I was just picking on your use of "inherently deterministic," Ulf.

I do use processors that actually _do_ have an exact and fixed latency
into interrupt routines no matter what else they may be doing and I
value that, for some applications, highly.