MCUs other than ARMs

I am very familiar with the various ARM MCU offerings. But I have a
need for an MCU with 3 or more SPI ports which is not so easy to find
in an ARM. There are a few, but they have higher power consumptions
and that makes them poor choices for a battery powered app.

I don't have hard requirements yet, but I think 128 kB of Flash will do
the job along with 16 kB of SRAM. I may need an I2C port and of course
a number of I/O pins (yes, we still have to guess, but 30 should do the

So far the estimates have been done using the power figures for the
AT91SAM7S devices which is about 100 mW. So I prefer to keep the MCU
power consumption no higher than that. 3.3 volt I/O operation is
required, but that is fairly obvious these days.

Are there any good MCUs that do not require support from overseas? I
guess that is a silly question since most are supported from overseas
these days. What company is not multinational anymore?