Re: MCUs other than ARMs

rickman wrote:
Ulf Samuelsson wrote:
The ATmega1281 might work if you can use external SRAM.
(You can run the USART in SPI Master mode)

I looked at the document and I don't think this will do the job. I
need three SPI slave ports. I could likely live with the 8 kB. I also
need an SPI master port to control an LCD, but I expect I can do that
in software without too much complaint from the SW people.

So the major requirement is 3 slave SPI ports. The secondary
requirement is low power, with 100 mW a target (along with lower power
at lower speed or duty cycle). The rest is negotialble.

Anyone work with a 3 SPI device?

It still sounds like a CPLD task to me :)

If these are Byte 4 wire SPI slaves, without fancy FIFO needs
(ie single byte transactions, SS controlled ),
then a ATF1502BE CPLD looks very likely to do the task.
That should (just) swallow a 3 Slave SPI to simple Parallel BUS
interface. ( the 1504BE would allow a little buffering )

In any solution, you will need to ensure the uC can respond
fast enough to avoid SPI overrun errors. That will depend on
the spacing between incomming bytes.