Re: As a "general rule"?

rickman wrote:

Nobody Here wrote:
I design pieces of electronics that have a specification as to how they
should behave in detail, but part of that is the "general rule" that
they should be built in a manner that is safe and employs good design
and construction practices. That's usually an unspoken "general rule"
but it's there, none the less. It would not be possible for a
specification to detail the every last thing I should do to ensure that,
much of it has to be left to my technical and professional competence.

Is it really a "general rule" that your designs are "safe"? Isn't that
a requirement?

Requirements for a product being safe will come from the legislative
requirements and may not always be stated in the customers requirements.
However, it would be sheer folly for an engineer not to make his product as
safe as reasonably practicable.

As to the "employs good design and construction practices" guideline,
we get that all the time and they are ignored. Why? Because there is
no definition to the phrase. Without an unambigous criteria, it can't
be verified. If you can't verify it, then it is not a requirement.

If you expand on that a little you will see that it is as verifiable as a
requirement. You may ask the question about what "employs good design and
construction practices" really means. In my book that would imply that you
adhere to ISO9001 and employ "current best practice". This is a term that
is well understood in legal circles. I agree that these things could be
stated more explicitly in the requirements.

So in reality the "goodness" of the design is up to you. If there are
any aspects that need to be verified, then they need to be stated in
rules of some sort. There are written commercial practices just for

I especially find it amusing that anyone would work off of "unspoken"

Rules have to be "spoken" of somewhere in order that they become understood
as rules.

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