Re: As a "general rule"?

Vladimir Vassilevsky wrote:
rickman wrote:

Every day I see the sloppiness in an area where lives can be at stake.

It depends only upon how the cost of a human life compares to the other

Defense systems don't formally weigh off the cost of a life, at least
the ones I work on. The sort of problem I am talking about have
nothing to do with such tradeoffs, it has to do with the lack of care
by the people doing the work. What is the cost of caring about your

But they keep going in the same direction because they don't have an
incentive to do otherwise.

Come on, get real. Every practical project requires at least 3..4 times
more time and money to get it perfectly straight.

I don't know what you are talking about. I am saying that although we
hear a lot of lip service to what we are trained to do, in the end
management does not enforce the training. Sometimes I think that even
in management we have very few critical thinkers. In the end it has to
do with how they are awarded bonuses and emotional responses.

We spend a great deal of time in training
and then fail to follow it. Many even argue against it. I am
surprised that you seem to be doing that.

You may like it or hot, however the current situation is what the market
is asking for. I completely agree to your point, however all of us have
to deal with the reality.

You work in a very different market than I. The reality is that we
receive training in order to teach us the best way to do our job. But
people are too stuck in their ruts to actually do what they are
supposed to do. Instead they fudge the system to make it suit what
they want to do. In the end the system does not work well because of
poor implementation.

It seems I am not the only one bothered by this. A while ago I spoke
with a coworker who is incensed because a failed test procedure was
changed to allow the unit to pass even though our products not working
correctly can result in the deaths of servicemen.