Starting Bootloader at AT91RM9200-EK


Im new to ARM9 processors and have the following problem: i want to run
any executable code (that i can change) on my plattform.
So i found the Denx u-boot and can compile it. Then i tried to download it
as stated on the atmel page by setting the jumper to INT then load the
DataflashBoot.bin then load the u-boot to the dataflash. So far OK, can
see the u-boot image at position c0008000. When i then press '3' it says
....loading bootloader ... but afterwards nothing happens, things just look
like the u-boot hangs (i expect at least to see u-boot starting up and
display a prompt).
I'm using u-boot 1.1.4 and have set TEXT_BASE to 0x21F00000. Also defined
the 2 defines as stated in the atmel introduction.
Anyone knows what's going wrong??

I'm using GNU-toolchain and Eclipse.
Another question is about that DataflashBoot which is actually working
fine. The source code is there as well but i found no makefile, so i'm not
able to compile it. Anyone any idea where i can get it??

thanks & kind regards