Re: UK job market

Tom Lucas <news@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

We were certainly hoping to not have to relocate someone. Are you sure
people are on more than 40K? I reckoned that that was about the going
rate for someone with 10 or so years experience, in fact a little over
even for London. Has there been a big jump in the average recently?

I'm sure I'm on more than that, put it that way, and I know how much
some of the people who used to work for and with me were paid and
they're in the same ballpark.

In my last workplace in North Yorkshire, 'software engineers' made
up to about low 30s basic, seniors and team leads were up to low
40s basic (there was also a bonus scheme that could reasonably be
expected to add around 15% to these numbers) depending on skills
and experience. Salaries there were felt to be "market rate" - i.e.
enough to keep most people from deserting, at least until various morale
crises caused by our parent company ;P

I've since moved on to somewhere with considerably better basic
(though quite probably less bonus) and comparable bens.

I think the level of skills and experience you're after would
comfortably be seen as "senior" in my former workplace, so draw your own

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