Re: LCD display Busy Flag

Using a timer also simplifies the code (no need to toggle I/O direction
bits), and you won't need the R/W signal, saving an I/O pin.

You guys have not hit any display freeze problems yet. Remember the
controller is a micro and can also go "nuts" for any of the reasons that
any micro can. If you treat this as a write only memory, you have
absolutley no indication whether your data is being written to the display
or not. Using the busy bit provides you with a little more confidence that
the system is working. If the display fails to go ready within a
pre-determined time period, you can try to reset the display through
software by re-initializing, and failing that (provided you have enough
foresight to include it in the hardware design), by cycling the power to
the display since it does not have a reset line.