Re: Internal headhunters?

On Mon, 29 Jan 2007 21:50:02 -0700, Donald <Donald@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Why are you trying to cut out your pimp ??

A recruiter is just a pimp, he/she gets a cut on anything you get.

Why is this so strange ?

The worlds oldest profession has been updated for the new millinum.

I think it'd be easier to accept the idea of a pimp if I was dumber.
This is something I thought of back at my old job. Before science
became involved in industry in the last couple centuries, wasn't it
true that the boss was always more educated than the workers? So, it
made sense for him to direct and command them. Now, we the workers
are engineers who are smarter than many of our bosses in matters of
actually doing the work. The bosses mainly have their ass-kissing
people/business skills on which to rely. We've become the bosses, and
they've become the secretaries, yet they still control the money.
It's upside down.