Re: GNU make on Windows [was Re: Codewarrior vs. Cosmic C for Freescale 9S08]

On Sun, 04 Mar 2007 23:56:40 +0100, Hans-Bernhard Bröker
<HBBroeker@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

David Kelly wrote:

Whats the point in having mixed case if case
is not sensitive?

Beats me --- but feel free to ask in Redmond.

The mixed case is for human consumption.

It is easier to grasp WhatIsThisThing than whatisthisthing or
WHATISTHISTHING. If single case is used, people would often write
what_is_this_thing or WHAT_IS_THIS_THING.

And how is a filename any different than any other

It's user-visible. Variables are in the "no user-serviceable parts
inside" area of a program, file names are not.

If you effectively want to exploit a case sensitive system, then you
should actively use WhatIsThisThing, wHATiStHIStHING, whatisthisthing
and WHATISTHISTHING as four different files or four different variable
names. This is OK for program generated data which is consumed by an
other program (such as assembly code generated by the compiler and
consumed by an assembler), but this is disastrous when humans read or
write these names, causing a lot of confusion and mistakes.

The case sensitive system is very awful when you are doing telephone
support, when you have to tell which letter is uppercase and which is
lower case. In such case sensitive systems, when you might expect that
telephone support is needed, it is best to define from the beginning
that everything is either lower case or everything is uppercase. Then
why use a case sensitive system at all ?