Re: What is the simplest CPU GCC is ported for?


Thanks for the info. I have no desire to become a GCC expert. I know one
guy that did 2 ports of GCC to custom architectures. His opinions were
strong about the issues of GCC and where it is flexible and where it is
broken. I was parroting his comments about a byte. Do you know of an
arch for GCC that does bytes defined as something but 8? Anyway it
doesn't matter, I don't want to deal with GCC. I just want to find a
simple arch which a current GCC supports so I can skip that particular

Regards, Steve

You said in an earlier posting that you need 32 bit addressing.
The AVR supports 23 bit addressing (for code) and 24 bit for data.

Personally, I think you should rephrase the question to:

If I want to write a simulator of a microcontroller in assembler,
what is the simplest instruction set to use.

Needs to have a supported gcc compiler.
Needs to support X MB code
Needs to support Y MB data.

Best Regards
Ulf Samuelsson