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Dear Gurus,
I am curious to know the advantages of using Dual core processors
from the end user perspective.In the recent times I am hearing more
about this from Intel about their latest processor in line
products.Recently I purchased an IBM laptop which boasts about having
Intel Dual core processor.
How is it advantageous compared to normal single core processor?
When you say Dual core does that mean,it contains 2 processors(pardon
my ignorance!)?

Well in most multi tasking systems there is only 1 MCU. And you time slice. So many miliseconds per task to give the illusion of lots os things happening at once.

The idea with the PC dual, quad core etc is that you really can have several tasks in parallel. It can give a speed increase.

Is dual core common in embedded world?

In some niche areas. Multiple cores have been in use for over a decade. It depends how you define multiple core. Some DECT systems have dissimilar cores in them others like some of the PPc range have core similar cores.

Some embedded systems have multiple MCU's but that is not multi core

What support should we expect from an OS while working on Dual core
processor?(Mainly trying to understand OS level modifications needed
incase one has to move from single core to a dual core processor)

Good question.... Until it moves more main stream I am not sure. Many (most? ) embedded systems don't use an OS or need an RTOS

the are more problems than re-entrancy here and the problems will be different to distributed or multi processor programming.

I think a lot of it is going to be hidden deep inside the OS and libraries.

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