Re: Regarding Dual core processors

Hi all,
Thanks for all your inputs and a healthier discussion.I am collating
all I understood from this discussion:

1)Real advantage of dual core processors are parallel processing
2)Its not fully in use into embedded system as compared to desktop
3)The main capability for an OS to run in a multicore system is to
enable parallel processing.Mainly to schedule threads(or tasks in my
vxworks world I use here) parallely.
4)Main problem in such a parallel processing OS is in taking overhead
in handling synchronisation and communication objects between 2 cores.

I believe I have understood it correctly.While I can understand the
above things,out of curiosity I have the doubt:

I have a belief that satellite imaging systems are real time and the
moment you sense an object you develop an image in real time.This
definitely will be huge data may be running in GBs!How has embedded
world handled such an application without dual cores?Can dual cores be
used in such situation and would I get benefits from this?
Correct me If am wrong,some how I have a feeling that co processors
are similar to dual cores.If thats correct,there are many embedded
applications using math co processor which case I can conclude dual
cores are not something new for embedded world.

Looking farward for further inputs and advanced thanks to you all,