Re: Codewarrior vs. Cosmic C for Freescale 9S08

I have the fun (?) task of picking a compiler/debugger to use for the
Freescale MC9S08 family of microcontrollers. I have narrowed it down
to two: Codewarrior from Metrowerks (a Freescale company), and Cosmic
C. I have used Cosmic C before in a command line mode, but did not
have the debugger and so did not use it. Another peer has used
Codewarrior and generally liked it. I have CW installed and am
starting to play with it and it seems a little weird, but I am still
trying to get used to it.

I am wondering if there is an advantage to using either one. Cosmic C
is about three times the cost of CW, but I am wondering if it might be
worth the extra cost. For me personally, I do not use the IDE to
write code; I use CodeWright for that. So, I am not real concerned at
how well either one is at code entry. Others on my team might want a
good IDE however.

Has anyone out there used both of these products and can give me any
recommendations on one over the other? Thanks.


I've used Cosmic C compiler for compiling programs on the MC9S08AW60 (
HCS08 family ) and codewarrior C++ too. Codewarrior C++ gives you full
graphical IDE with features to port code onto your S08 MCU but with Cosmic
you need to find another software to download code or flash it. You might
try WinIdea to debug the code .It depends on your requirements. If you are
not fond of graphical IDEs which do the job for you, you might try Cosmic C
otherwise, you might try metrowerks. You might want to refer which compiler
is efficient with respect to your requirement . Do you need source level
optimizations? You can check with the vendors to know more about their
features or read their Compiler / linker manuals .With Cosmic C you have
to compile your code , the old fashioned way. Compiler , link and use make
files . Then find your Elf or IEEE-695 binary image for final download onto
your MCU. Codewarrior does all these for you in an IDE but it costs a lot.
Cosmic C compiler is almost the standard in automotive software
development for Automotive ECU's .It has strong support for Freescale
Microcontrollers. Many of them use the Freescale's S08 and S12X family of

Hope this helps,
Amit Malyala


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