Re: Useless whinging about rude/clueless requests for help...

On 2007-03-29, Tim Wescott <tim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I get those -- and some that are stated much better.

I think the worst ones are the same people who post the same
stuff to newsgroups, and who perhaps don't have a clue about
the difference between email and a newsgroup posting.

The best of them make me think, and I answer them.

I do also get detailed questions about topics where I have
particular knowledge. If it's something which is not likely to
be of interest to anybody else, I usually answer them. For
reasoably researched questions of more general interest I
usually suggest that they post to the appropriate usenet group
or mailing list (which is obviously where they found my name).

Of course private consultation is always available for a fee. ;)

Often I'll suggest that the correspondent post the question on
a newsgroup so that _you_ can fill in any gaps where _I_ left
stuff out...

That's one of the reasons I prefer to answer questions in a
public forum -- if I'm wrong, someobody is there to correct me.

Grant Edwards grante Yow! I need to discuss
at BUY-BACK PROVISIONS with at least six studio

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