Re: Semi-OT: Killing RFID credit card?

On 23 Apr 2007 05:08:36 -0700, zwsdotcom@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

My bank was recently acquired by Chase, and all our debit cards were
replaced with dual-tech magstripe/RFID ("blink") cards. I don't want,
and absolutely refuse to use or even carry, a contactless payment
token linked to my checking accounts - but I need to have a working
debit card.

While I do have the equipment to copy the magstripe onto a blank card,
I suspect that using such a card at a manned POS terminal could be
problematic :)

Is there a simple method to kill the RFID side of the card without
harming the magstripe? I've tried flexing it to break the bond wires,
but this hasn't worked (I have 13MHz readers, so I can see the card
powering up).

A second or 2 in a Microwave oven.
May produce visible burn marks though.

Centre-punch at the chip location