Re: sram vs sdram

Because the 's' (pun intended) in SRAM is different from the 's' in SDRAM! SRAM stands for Static RAM, a kind of memory cell using flip-flops and memory contents can be retained indefinitely as long as DC power is present. SDRAM stands for Synchronous Dynamic RAM, a kind of memory cell using capacitors and cells have to be refreshed regularly to retain their contents. There are a few transistors in a flip-flop, so a flip-flop occupies a lot more space than a capacitor on an IC. One can pack several giga bits on a DRAM chip, but only several tens of mega bits of SRAM, as L1/L2/L3 cache memory on nowadays CPU.

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Stephen Wong @ Hong Kong

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awsome. thanks for the responses.

why is there such a difference in capacity between the two?