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Oh dear. Bets on how long before they do a frantic fix on this fiasco ?

Or before they frantically start looking for another buyer for whatever
may be left of the business.

I have seen electronics businesses being brought down to less than 25%
of their original value in just a few years, typically by incompetence
at the upper management level.

To be fair, they _have_ now gone into frantic fix mode.

The flash front end has been consigned to the bin already.

Here's the reply to an e-mail I sent through their web site's support

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|| Answer to Question 70715 from NXP Semiconductors
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Andy Peters
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Dispense with the Flash menus.

Dispense with the Flash movie and the guy with the chainsaw.

Your target audience is a bunch of engineers who have zero patience
for any of the fluff.

No Flash. Please. Your competitors don\'t do Flash.

NXP Semiconductors answer:
Dear Andy,

Thank you for your input. The intro movie with the chainsaw has been
removed. Apologies if it caused any annoyance.

With kind regards,
Matthijs van Veen

But did they make the site work? Nope. Not even the home page. What is it with these guys? It's not rocket science to creat a web portal that actually works.

NXP has joined my list of companies I don't even bother to look at for parts until I have exhausted all other possibilities. Given that virtually everything NXP makes has direct competition (form, fit, function), I don't have to endure the pain of the site very often at all.
We've noted that it's a shame when we don't buy their parts when they actually do have some cool stuff, but my bottom line is simply that I don't want to waste time making the site work when I simply want to find something for a design.
The ignorami who guard the site design want their pretty flash, which I block by default (I use NoScript) so I don't even see the front page (or at least I didn't the last time I went to it). Why they want their flash is of course because the marketing department has decreed there shall be a singing dancing website and now they can't back down.

What's their stock price doing recently?