Re: NXP buys Sharp's BlueStreak ARM-based MCU line

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Interesting news.;jsessionid=GLTQRA4GFUHGYQSNDLSCKHA?articleID=201000060

This is great news because I am very fond of the LH79524 and was
going to miss it when it was gone. I think it makes a lot of sense
for NXP as well and really cements my opininon that they make the
best ARM-based microcontrollers. I hope they don't start getting
ideas about dropping products from the range though.

We're using the LH75410 (actually th 01 now cos the variants are all
the same chip). Unfortunately I am much more synical. I suspect that
NXP is interested in the customer list as much as anything else. I
think we are still looking at last time buys, which with our typical
product longevity means >5 years worth. Lets hope I'm wrong.

NXP always had a bit of a gap where decent LCD controllers were
concerned so the devices that specialise in that should be around for a
while now they have a niche to fill. NXP have traditionally been quite
good in terms of longevity of products so I'm hopeful on that front too.
It's early days yet and I think NXP will listen to the market (and the
big customers) to see how they wish to progress with the line.

Now if could only get past that damn website then I might buy a few...