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Obviously, free and open source platforms
Free OR open source?

The AND was just fine - FOSS is a commonly used term to avoid the confusion
that comes with the 'free' ambiguity. Apparently he's looking for something
that is free and open - software released under FSF approved licenses
qualifies for this job.
OK. A LOT of free SW is NOT released under GPL or FSF etc. I just wondered if he was looking for Free, low cost or FOSS

Hi Chris,

And thanks for your replies,

So just to be more precise, free in my email was as free in FOSS;

so the best solution would be to have a FOSS :)

I don't believe that for many reasons.

Since in an academic environment you can have always motivated students that can develop and tune the software; more importantly we learn more when looking at the source code! So the motivation is not only about money :) it has to do also by the amount of knowledge that people can get and transfer 'freely' to other.

Then you don't need FOSS. In fact in your situation it would be counter productive.

I have noticed that few state of the art FOSS exist for embedded systems

This is true and will remain so.

:( This has to do perhaps with the fact that dev. environments are so related to (hardware) technologies that most of the time proprietary, am I wrong when saying that?

No that is part of the reason.

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