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certainly any practical teaching using them) well down the list of
things to experiment with. Getting the hang of interrupts and using

Note that the OP didn't dimension the problem. "Grad student" to me
implies a certain level of knowledge.

For some reason, my post suggesting the ez430 didn't make it through
Google. I don't want to retype it :)

The ez430 post got through on my reader.

Perhaps I'm getting confused with my terms. For me, a grad student is
someone studying for a Bachelors degree. In my experience, the first
taste students get of actually using an interrupt in anger - as opposed
to learning the theory behind polling and interrupts etc - is late in
the first year of the degree course.

To me a grad student has always been someone who is a student but has
also graduated i.e. someone studying/researching for a higher degree MSc,
MA, PhD. Someone studying for their first degree is called an
undergraduate, at the end of which they become a graduate.

That makes sense. In retrospect it would appear that I'm being dense!

I don't think there is any definitive definition. By my own definition,
above, I was never a grad student because the study that I did after my
bachelor degree was not for any qualification. Even so, I have a Masters,
which did not require and additional work beyond the first degree. So, after
reflection, perhaps a grad student is anyone who is studying having
graduated already. That would allow me to have been a grad student. Joy! I
have done something new with my life!

Now, maybe that needs to be restricted a bit. If I study cookery having done
a CS degree does that make me a grad student?