Re: Unable to communicate through serial port


Hi all,
I had got success. (Because of the expert help from you all).

....... :-)

Hey ^^;; i'm new to this forum and also just started embedded programming.
I studied 68HC11 and 68HC12 in uni but at home i'm using a 8051. My uni
project that i'm thinking of doing involves serial port programming +
assembler and socket programing. I have a few knowledges of everything and
kinda have an idea of how to put things together.
At the moment, i'm trying to get my 8051 board + relays to control 2 AC
servos. I'm thinking of controlling it through the computer and then
further on i would control it over the net with the help of socket
Do you know any good books that might help? I'm struggling with the serial
port signal from PC to programming board too. Is it corrected to sort RTS
and CTS on PC side?
Also, thank you for posting this thread and your draft program. I'm using
it as a reference to build my own now.


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