Re: Estimation techniques used in embedded porting projects

"Hans-Bernhard Bröker" <HBBroeker@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
ssubbarayan wrote:

I would like to know what techniques industry uses or you experts
have followed while doing effort estimation for embedded software
porting sort of project with RTOS and couple of tasks.

My guess would be that there are no standard techniques for this, simply
because the job of "porting" is so unspecified. The software part of it
will range from a few hours or days to port a project from one CPU to a
different one from the same family (and redesigned PCB to go with it), to
what effectively amounts to a complete rewrite from scratch if you port to
a different CPU, with different peripherals and a different RTOS.

The biggest difficulty we face is in conveying to the client the
needed time based on perfect estimates.

There ain't no such thing as a perfect estimate.

Well, actually there is. It is called the 'retrospective' estimate. It is
used by the poorer types of project managent systems. There is also a
'converging' estimation which has the advantage over the 'retrospective' one
that it has a better lower bound midway through the project and converges to
the same final estimate. The disadvantage is that it requires more work. The
building trade use both these estimate to great affect.