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Stef wrote:
Anyone know af any other waveform viewers, preferably with windows
binaries for download? If need be, I can change the dataformat or write
a simpe converter.

I think your own search failed because you used an overly restrictive
keyword. The kind of program you're looking for is a plotting program.
"Waveforms" are just one type of plottable data file.

'gnuplot' and any of its competitors can plot your file just fine.

set datafile separator ','
plot "log" using 1:2 with linespoints

I got the impression, possibly faulty, that the OP is looking for a
realtime viewer that accepts data from the serial port and scrolls the
display in realtime.

Does gnuplot do that?

Well, maybe on closer reading of the OP's comments, I'm no longer sure
what is being sought.

No, I am not looking for realtime display (would be nice later on maybe),
but I search an 'interactive' off-line viewer. Load the file and have the
ability to zoom and scroll through the graph. The timebase of the graph
will be fairly long and I need to be able to zoom in to some details.

I can view what I want in MS Excel, but the zooming and scrolling needs
to be done by repeatedly changing the X-axis scale, a bit cumbersome.

Same applies to gnuplot, need to generate a new plot for each change in
the axis.

I imagine there must be something for analog signals that behaves like
the waveform viewer that comes with Mentor Modelsim. Real easy and fast
to go through your data in that one. Just found out that it can in fact
display a VHDL vector as an analog signal. If I could somehow load my
data, but what's the fileformat? I could translate my data to a VHDL
testbench source and than simulate that, but there must be an easier
option to just view a bit of data. ;-)

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