Re: Want suggestion for a microcontroller for capstone univ. project

On Tue, 25 Sep 2007 12:50:35 -0700, Peter Q. wrote:

as much as I enjoy dissemabling old PCs (not really), we are very
short on time, and need something that is readily available. We are
investigating PICs as an option, but heard that it is very hard to
debug them. Hence I came here to ask you guys for some suggestions.



Why take it apart? Unless you are space constrained, using a PC whole
will get you a working microprocessor system very fast. Even an old
laptop running freeDOS or Linux would get you on the road (as it were).

PICs aren't that bad to debug if you get one of the development boards
with a built in JTAG to USB debugger. Any 8-bit processor is going to be
a similar debugging challenge to a PIC, if not worse.

How big is this thing?

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