Firewire interface with MPC8347

I am implementing firewire interface with MPC8347 Microcontroller using
VxWorks RTOS. I am using TI's TSB43AB23 firewire OHCI link/PHY layer
controller which is connected to MPC8347 using PCI Interface.
Both TSB43Ab23 and MPC8347 are configured as PCI master and only these 2
devices are present on PCI bus.
When I connect a Firewire Simulator/Analyzer to TSB43Ab23 I am able to
receive SelfID packets in MPC8347. But when I send a read or write request
packets from Firewire analyzer to TSB43Ab23 it doesnâ??t respond in any
I have confirmed settings of TSB43AB23 registers are correct with TIâ??s
support engineer.

Is any one has an experience of interfacing TSB43AB23 to any PowerPC
Microcontroller who can help me in solving this problem?