Re: Electrical schematic entry software / Subcontracting cabling

stijnvanorbeek@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Do you also send netlists ?

No, we send a electrical schematic and photographs of a prototype.

What sort of errors do they make - incorrect nets, or incorrect wire
stub lengths, or incorrect crimp details ?

All sorts of errors, they sometimes wire a circular corrector in the
wrong directions, they insert the male contacts into female
connectors, mistake black/white and white/black wires.. I could
offcoarse blame the subcontractor, but i think that sometimes they
just don't know howto.

A good SCH Entry program, with some simple library effort
and reports, should make this less confusing ?


** Netnames can be the wire colour codes,
** Nett Attributes can include mfg comments
** Stub dimensioning arrows/text can come from the librtary as
2D combined lines/text
** Connector Attributes can expand to include Terminal.CrimpType
** Connector Attributes can expand to include Terminal.WireSize

ok. I agree. Maybe is should include much more details. I take it for
granted that they use the correct terminal for a certain wire size..
Maybe i should add much more details.

You can never give too much information :)

Certainly a netist would help, and if the connector housing has
clearly stamped numbers, use those, or a simple end-view
(clear for which end, of course! )

On the cables we get, they supply us their manufacturing drawing,
and in most cases, also a sample they built.

They _should_ have this, as what if you order a second batch ?
- they also should generate a unique part number for each drawing revision, and the drawing should be unambigious.

Our asian supplier is pretty good, but we caught them a couple of
times not revising drawing/part codes for changes.
The drawing had RevJ signed off, but the part number, and drawing name, did not change.

They number all connectors, and have a simple matrix table of colours,
and pin-pairs.